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From little boats grounded in sand or oil, to crumpled vehicle passing by burning lotus flowers, June’s art works are always marked by contained violence, as if they were slidging down a wire stretched across a fictive space that is beyond time. Patterns from our collective memory are used by the artist to compose his own symbols and inspire these works and plunge us into an often post-adventitious world. Accident represents essentially a break in everyday life. June exploits it as a tool which allows him to climb out of our temporality. He casts in his work a terribly human vision, even though positive, without condemnation, in opposition with our contemporary society often described as “disenchanted”. Cut and folded Plexiglas, jagged wood, burned papers… The destruction resulting from accident is part of the creative process. Whatever technique he chooses (drawing, sculpture, photography, 3D), June plays with the material properties that he disciplines in clean and crisp lines. He reveals the quality of the material as an essential element of his art, a fragility either apparent or assumed. It contributes to his set of graphics based on paradoxes, offering a truly visual poem.